World’s First

From Planar Systems comes another entry for the “Famous Firsts” list at the first integrated multi-panel touch screen display. While that may not roll right off the tongue, it’s a tremendous breakthrough. Prior to the launch of the Clarity Matrix Touch on June 15th at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando, Florida, multi-panel touch screens had to be cobbled together from different vendors with various components. It was a situation that would challenge the inestimable Dr. Frankenstein’s skills of stitching parts together.

You can now order a 2-by-2, 2-by-3 or 3-by-3 video wall made up of Clarity Matrix displays. That means that you can have anywhere from a 92 inch diagonal display to a 138 inch screen. On this gigantic display you can touch, tap, drag, pinch and swipe. The multi-touch capabilities can be used to manipulate all sorts of interactive applications from digital whiteboards to maps to playing a giant game of Spider Solitaire. The Clarity Matrix Touch comes with full support for the Windows 7 Touch Pack, so you can just hook up a computer and start working.

For the worrisome-mom types out there (you know who you are) who are already thinking of how many ways this can be damaged by all of the wanton poking and touching it will receive, you can rest easy. The Extended Ruggedness Optics (ERO) glass that covers the screens protects them from finger pointing and even more. The ERO glass provides another first: the Clarity Matrix is one continuous touch surface that is made up of separate pieces of glass. In the past touch screens couldn’t go past the edges of a pane of glass, either requiring a huge pane of glass or a smaller touch screen. Planar has solved that problem with an optical bonding process so the Digital Vision Touch technology provided by SMART Technologies sees nothing but the open expanse of one touch screen for your fingers to roam.