Be in the Center of the Action

By James Wood

Our field of view is everything that we can see at one time. Human sight can take in 180 degrees of horizontal visual information including the main vision and peripheral vision. From top to bottom, we can take in about 100 degrees of vision. So if you’re standing just ten feet from something it would need to be about 35 feet wide to fill you whole visual field (and about 20 feet tall). Since we can only really see with any clarity within about a 120 degree arc, the realistic size of an immersive screen would have to be 20 feet tall by 25 feet wide. A wall display that provided complete immersion for someone standing just 10 feet away would take 70 display panels in a Clarity Matrix Display Wall.

But our vision isn’t flat and a Clarity Matrix array doesn’t have to be either. The EasyAxis mounting system allows for the Clarity Matrix panels to follow the curvature of a wall which gives a more natural field of view using far fewer panels than a flat display could accomplish. Similar to how an IMAX screen makes the audience feel like they are in the middle of the action. A curved Clarity Matrix design will engulf people in the experience.

If you laid out your Clarity Matrix wall on a curve rather than in a flat line it would take only 30 feet of visual width to encompass 180 degrees and 20 feet to fill 120 degrees. That translates into 20 fewer displays on the wall to give you the same effect of being engulfed in the image on the screen. So with 30% less screen space you can provide the same feeling of being in the middle of what’s happening on the screen.
You may not be installing a two story high video wall that completely fills the visual world of the people seeing it, but the ability to have a curved Clarity Matrix Display Wall match the natural arc of human vision scales to any sized application, uses one third fewer panels and feels more natural and immersive.