Finding Digital Wallpaper

By Jennifer Davis

As people are using the Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall for art or ambiance, we get questions from our resellers and clients as to where they can find artwork to put on their Matrix that shows off the massive resolution that is possible when you tile the displays together into a wall-size array. For instance, a 3x3 Clarity Matrix MX-46 is over 4,000 pixels wide. A 3x3 wall of our new MX-55 version is 5,760 pixels wide and 3,240 pixels tall. And using full-resolution artwork is stunning on the display, as those who saw our booth at InfoComm can attest.

There are a variety of stock photography and video houses that provide high-resolution imagery and video that could be used to transform your WindowWall from entertainment to art. Most have online collections numbering in the millions that you can browse, preview in “light box” mode, and license in multiple resolutions. Remember that most of this photography or illustrations were created for print, which requires very high resolution artwork (much greater than what is typical for even HD video). Here are a few of our favorites:

- Pond5: their collection features photography, video, and illustrations. They offer a week of free downloads so that you can test content.
- iStockPhoto: their collection also features photography, video, illustrations, and Flash animations. They represent several video artists and agencies and can even broker custom commissions.
- ArtBeats: they specialize in video footage, up to 4K resolution, and offer a free research service to find the perfect piece for you.
- GettyImages: One of the leading sources for journalists, their collection includes a variety of entertainment and sports imagery featuring celebrities and professional athletes.
- CorbisIMAGES: Their collection includes world events and fine art.
- Fotosearch: they are an aggregator of professional images and footage and are a favorite of corporate brands.

Of course, there is a vibrant and growing community of video artists that are using a digital canvas to create incredible artwork by custom commission or for license. You can find their work featured in museums, galleries, and online. You’ll see their work in commercial projects in hotels, airports, and the like. They exhibit at art shows for private and institutional collectors like Art Basel, Art Expo, and in galleries for Art Week in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities around the globe. We have begun to develop some relationships of our own with this community and would be happy to make a recommendation.

And let’s not forget that you don’t have to look past your own camera (or that of your agency) as a source of art. 9 megapixel or higher digital cameras are very common and produce native photography that is larger than native pixel of many Clarity Matrix installations. If your agency is used to creating photography or illustrations for print, they will be well-accustomed to high-resolution requirements. Your own corporate photography and the like can become beautiful digital wallpaper on your Clarity Matrix video wall. For higher-than-HD resolution video, you might just want to splurge on a RED digital camera and turn yourself into a filmmaker in your own right.