Continuing Education Course Certified by the IDCEC

The Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)* has certified the Planar course “Designing Media Walls: Imagery, Video and Information on Digital Canvases.” Now, members of the IDCEC will receive continuing education credit for completing the free, one-hour course. Interior design is increasingly colliding with technological innovation. So, Planar has developed free continuing education courses geared specifically for designers on how to integrate highly functional media-display walls into well designed spaces.

Long gone are the days when integrating technology into your home or office meant giving up on aesthetics. The beige boxes and giant tubes that plagued earlier generations have been supplanted. Now sleek, stylish flat-panel displays are tied to powerful hardware that’s tucked away out of sight. But since this is a relatively new development, designers need to learn how to apply the tools of this brave new world.

In this course, Jennifer Davis of Planar explains the basics of video wall technology and provides a guide to the myriad specifications and components that designers need to know. Then the fun begins; the wide range of design considerations and options are discussed against the backdrop of real-world case studies. Cap it all off with an overview of the current trends in video walls, and any interior designer will find themselves well prepared to meld stunning technology with attractive design.
Planar understands that design isn’t about hammering together disparate elements; that approach is closer to Dr. Frankenstein’s work. Rather, true design, is a blending of form and function into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Join us in learning about how to blend those parts with our continuing education classes.

*IDCEC continuing education units are accepted by the American Society of Interior Designers, the Interior Designers of Canada and the International Interior Design Association.