Line Up

By James Wood

In kindergarten I learned the subtle art of getting in line. At the beginning of class, at the end of class, before lunch and recess getting in line was the rule. We were taught early and often about how important it is to stand in line. Don’t cut. Keep the lines straight. The same practice is applied throughout my life at the coffee shop or the movie theater. Lining up is still important.

Lining up is a metaphor for things working perfectly. If everything lines up then all the pieces necessary are exactly where they need to be. When it comes to a multi-panel display the phrase “lining up” is no metaphor for perfection, it’s the prerequisite. If every display isn’t perfectly aligned with all the other displays around it then whenever motion crosses the boundary between the two it will be glaringly obvious. Think of looking at the action on a football field through a glass of water. When you look through the water things will be lined up at one level, but at the boundary between the water and the air it will look like things are broken and offset. A poorly aligned display wall makes it seem like you’re looking through glasses of water and everything is broken up.

The lack of alignment destroys the illusion of one, large display and makes all the viewers acutely aware of the individual screens rather than the whole array. But with the Clarity Matrix Display Wall you can rely on the EasyAxis Mounting System to line up everything precisely. Each screen in the display wall can adjust in six directions with fine accuracy so that depth, height and width adjustments are all tuned perfectly.

The EasyAxis wall mounts are included with the Clarity Matrix Display at no extra charge so that your screens are exactly where they need to be. But lining up once isn’t the only thing that the Planar crew taught the EasyAxis mounting system. You can also tilt the individual screens from the front to be able to access the rear panel for connection and maintenance throughout the life of the Clarity Matrix Display Wall. My kindergarten teacher would be proud.