No Unitaskers

By James Wood

Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats, Iron Chef America and Feasting on Asphalt on the Food Network often shares his prejudice against unitaskers. The only unitasker he allows in his kitchen is the fire extinguisher. If you’re not familiar, a unitasker is a tool that can only perform one function and kitchens are filled with them. Egg slicers, bread makers, pickle spears and lemon zesters are just a few of the offenders that make Alton cringe. There’s no space in the kitchen for these items that get so little use but take up so much space.

In a world that is becoming much more conscious about efficiency, the ethic of no unitaskers can apply far outside the kitchen. You could install billboards to display advertisements then install televisions to shows relevant to your clients and finally you can put in a signage system to show important information. Each unitasker has to be purchased, installed and maintained separately and they can’t do anything different in the future.

Multitaskers offer greater value since they can do more than just one job and that frees up time, space and resources for other things that are important. You could install a Clarity™ Matrix Display Wall that can replace billboards, televisions and information signage – all in one package. Using the Big Picture Plus video processing package (included with each Clarity Matrix installation) you can set some of the panels to show the financial news channel, other panels display the information necessary for your clients and still other panels cycle through ads. Each panel of a Clarity Matrix display configuration can show separate information or it could be incorporated with other panels to stretch data across them. The individual displays have built in sensors that determine where each display is within the wall so that you can easily assign the sections you want to the data you want. With the minuscule 5.7 millimeter gap (with the Clarity Matrix MX 55) between each panel, the Clarity Matrix wall blends into one large screen for when you want to show everything together, but each screen is full 1080p HD quality on its own.

Alton Brown would be proud of the amazing multitasking capabilities of the Clarity Matrix. No unitaskers here.