Efficient is the New Sexy

By James Wood

She rolls up in her new car and steps out. Both are drop-dead gorgeous and everyone around stops to stare. What did you imagine? No, not the woman, the car. If it were 20 years ago you might imagine her emerging from a rumbling Dodge Viper or descending from a Humvee. But today its more likely that a sexy car is something like the Tesla Roadster all electric sports car or even the Toyota Prius getting 50 miles per gallon. The world has changed in not that much time so the cars that used to be drool-inducing would now cause us to wince while imagining the cost of filling the tank.

The rising cost of energy and rising concerns about the environment have changed how we look at the world. Buildings are being designed with high efficiency lighting and climate control so that energy costs can be kept down and the impact on the environment can be minimized. But at the same time as we’re cutting back, technology is jumping forward. Imagine someone offered you a car that could go twice as far on each tank of gas and took up half the space while still holding just as much cargo.

The Planar EP-Series Displays are that kind of technological marvel in liquid crystal form. Since they use light emitting diodes to generate the backlighting, the EP-Series displays sip rather than guzzle power. And the package is stunningly slim as well at only two inches deep. But the EP-Series screens still produce amazing, high definition video with deep blacks and bright whites (i.e. a 4,000-to-one contrast ratio). The video flows smoothly since the LCD screen refreshes 120 times every second (i.e. 120Hz).

Efficiency doesn’t stop with size and energy consumption though. The EP-Series screens are built to last. You can run these screens all day every day for years. The solid-state LED technology won’t burn out and the commercial quality LCD screen is guaranteed to last for years (3 year Advance Exchange warranty). And the built in Ambient Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to the ideal level so it’s brighter during the day and dims during low light times to use the least amount of power while still providing a fantastic picture.
The Planar EP-Series Displays are sexy.