Floor to Ceiling Video Walls

By James Wood

The thing that most people don’t understand is that when you’re designing a building you can’t just do whatever you want. There are whole libraries filled with codes that need to be met in every building. Rules are good, they protect people and property. But all those standards can take some of the artistry out of designing and make it feel more like paint-by-number. Designers are just tasked with plugging in solutions that will comply with all the regulations; one is blue, three is green. But most designers want the chance to express themselves and stun their audiences.

One standard that has limited creativity comes from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stating that objects can’t protrude more than four inches from a wall. This is good since it provides for easy movement and access to areas for all people, but it’s had unintended consequences. Installing an impressive video wall has been limited by the mounting systems and size of the screens, which exceed the ADA four inch maximum. So video walls can’t start at the floor or be within 80 inches of the ground if they stick out too far from the wall.

Planar engineers have solved the problem. The Clarity Matrix line of LCD displays mount to the wall and protrude only 3.6 inches. So instead of a video wall hanging high overhead, the screens can be up close and personal. There are no walls that are off limits for video design. Curved walls, walls without power supplies and the entire height from floor to ceiling, it’s all available like a blank canvas ready to be painted. The only rules are your imagination. The mounting is so thin, in part, because the only thing on the wall is the display. The power supplies and digital signal processing are all in a separate location. So the heat, weight and fan noise of power supplies are moved away from the video wall to a discrete location. All the controlling can be done from the comfort of another room. So all the space that is saved by moving those functions to an external location make the Clarity Matrix display seem to be a part of the wall itself.

Rules and regulations are meant to keep people safe, not to limit the imagination. Let your creativity run wild.