The Art and Soul of Digital Signage

At Planar, we are interested in different ways of utilizing Digital Signage to engage, inform and even dazzle the public. Recently we've come across an example from the UK on Remembrance Sunday for broadcasting the day's service to large audience and PRN in the US using their channel throughout national retail store locations to keep the fans of football up-to-date with NFL Networks football highlights when shopping.

And pictured here, the beautiful lobby of Hotel de Luxe in Portland, Oregon, where signage meets art and films! An installation where Planar proudly provides the hardware to create this unique environment.

Digital signage truly is more than just advertising! It's about informing, engaging, dazzling, entertaining, creating art & design... What's the most out of the box DS installation you've ever seen? We would be glad to see what you've come across on your travels. The more unique and customized solution you can come up with, the better: please include a link to pictures online in your comment.