Great Technology Enables Great Ideas

By Cris Derr

Technology is cool sometimes even jaw dropping like the transparent LCD display presented by Planar at CETW this past week in New York. While people crowded around our transparent display in awe, it was the buzz around the solutions that could be built with such technology that was really inspiring. Great technology enables great ideas. At Planar another technology that enables great ideas is ERO™ for our Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall.

ERO does much more than deliver amazing display quality by improving image contrast; it also enables interactive touch solutions on a grand scale. ERO does this in two ways: first it protects the LCD screen allowing for touch input without damaging the LCD, and second it enables a large planar surface that is needed to implement touch solutions across a video wall. The results are amazing creations of interactive touch signage that are larger than life. With Planar’s ERO technology, video wall signage can be created that impacts and engages the viewer in a way traditional signage can’t match. Examples of such cool creations include the Interactive Tiger Wall at the University of Missouri and the new Nike Town Bowerman Wall in Portland Oregon.

With over 25 years of experience building state of the art displays, Planar continues to innovate and introduce touch technology that creates real value for our customers. If you would like to know more about Planar’s touch displays drop me a line, and feel free to join me on LinkedIn.

- Cris