Picture This

635 million in three days. No, that is not the number of votes from the last American Idol finale or even the amount of money raised by the winning candidate in the last election. 635 million is actually the amount of money raised in three evenings of art sales by Philips de Pury, Christie’s and Sotheby’s last week in New York. With well over a half a billion dollars pumping through the art world in only three days it is clear the art world has not heard that the economy hasn’t fully recovered.

This latest news might surprise many, but not Planar. Planar’s vision for the convergence of art and technology will make its debut at the end of this month with a showcase at several venues during the highly acclaimed Design Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach event. Planar will kick off the week at Design Miami with a by-invitation press and industry event titled, ‘Pictures + Furniture,’ which will take place on November 30th at Avant Gallery in creative partnership with Surface Magazine. The exhibit is in its third year at Avant Gallery, but will mark the first time Planar will be participating; providing several large digital displays for top industrial designers and furniture artists to display their video art presentations.

In addition to the Pictures + Furniture event, Planar is equally excited to be showcasing exhibits at the PULSE contemporary art show at the Cristin Tierney Gallery, featuring the digital artist Yorgo Alexpoulous’ work on Planar’s Clarity™ Matrix LX-46 media wall. Finally, Miami SOLO, presented by Artexpo, will include a showcase of two prototypes of Digital Canvas™ in partnership with Samsung Semiconductor.

Planar is eagerly anticipating all the events and is looking forward mingling with the art world to learn from and gather feedback regarding ongoing product development designed for this community. If you have plans to be in Miami Beach during the time of Design Miami and Art Basel please let us know as we would love to extend an personal invitation for you to join us at the Pictures + Furniture event.