The latest in 3D: the Clarity Matrix 3D goes live!

It's what the 3D Roundabout caught already at the prototype stage earlier this year, but now it is launched and being installed as well! First installation can be seen the University of Illinois Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) in a class room setting. The Cyber-Commons 3D is a class room facility featuring six wide by three high Clarity Matrix 3D video wall, made from our 46" Clarity Matrix displays, which allows 2D and 3D visualization and collaboration. You can read more about the installation from EVL's own website.

The new Clarity Matrix 3D will be at show this week at the SuperComputing 2011 at Louisiana State University, where Planar can be found exhibiting at booth number 2836.

What is the Clarity Matrix 3D then, why is it so special? What would you say about an ultra-thin, flicker-free 3D stereoscopic display meant for large format professional installations? Omega Sales Inc. comments: "How cool is that?"

The Clarity Matrix 3D product expands Planar's expertise in 3D to professional, passive-glass approach for stereo viewing with 46" size displays for building a video wall the size you need. Installation depth is only 3.6"/93mm with integrated mounting system and off-board electronics and power supplies to create an alternative for projection based 3D visualization.

Keep your eyes open for new installations! Or why not contact our sales teams to stay ahead of your competition and be one of the first to get your 3D video wall installed!