Don't Forget Your Employees

By Cris Derr

Here's my "Deliver WOW!" moment of the day from IQmetrix Wireless Summit in Miami: Knowledgeable, motivated employees are as important to increasing sales as engaged customers. OK, you're probably thinking "The Miami heat has finally gotten to Cris' Pacific Northwest brain." Possibly. But it's easy to focus on the customer-centric benefits of interactive retail experiences created by iQmetrix XQ software and Planar System stylish touch displays.

What has become far clearer to me during my time here at the summit is the importance of employee training as you build more engaging retail spaces. CEOs and other retail leaders at the summit have shared stories about how the iQmetrix/Planar solution can be used to dramatically improve training of new and existing employees. After exploring the very intuitive touch interface, it became obvious to them that:

  • Employees become smarter about the features and benefits of the product they are selling.
  • Since the tool is integral to the selling process, employees are also learning about the selling process itself.

What a homerun: a solution that delivers WOW!, increases sales and productivity and trains employees. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the importance of using technology like the iQmetrix/Planar solution to train and engage employees in the products that are selling.