Bringing Interactive Digital Signage into Reach

We live in a time of low-hanging fruit. Not actual fruit on the bottom branches of trees, rather the metaphorically named projects that don't require much investment or risk, nor generate much in the way of sales or revenues.

In the current economy, many retailers are understandably reluctant to take on the risks associated with new ways of doing business? so-called "high-hanging" fruit? even if they promise big potential benefits.

But what if someone pulled those upper branches of the retail sales and marketing tree closer to terra firma? That's what the new partnership between iQmetrix and my company, Planar Systems, is doing for mobile retailers.

We've worked closely with iQmetrix to eliminate many of the complications and risks associated with adding digital, interactive signage in mobile retail stores.
Mobile retailers no longer need a large IT department to integrate software and signage or work through the inevitable bugs that occur when pairing unmatched or incompatible technology. iQmetrix's new XQ Interactive Retail software has been designed and tested to work on Planar Touchscreen LCD monitors to create a convenient, informative and engaging in-store experience.

Better yet, retailers aren’t limited to a single-size, handheld device. Planar Touchscreen monitors range in size from 15" to 22" widescreen, and our Touch-enabled digital signage displays range from 42" to super-large, customizable video walls. Both types of displays are designed to offer shoppers the most sensitive and interactive touch experience available. Planar builds quality into all of our displays, and we back it with our industry leading three-year warranty with two-day advance replacement. All this translates to the best customer experience and the best product quality.

Freed from the complications of deploying interactive signage, retailers can focus their time and talent on how use this technology to showcase their products and attract and retain customers.

The eye-catching video and images produced by these high-definition digital signs draw customers from other parts of the store – potentially even from across the mall. Customers can then use the interactive screens to take self-guided tours through virtual catalogs of all of a retailer's offerings, not just the limited selection at the store. In addition, the virtual catalogs reduce the time that sales associates must spend helping customers find what they're after.

We look forward to hearing more from wireless retailers at the 7th annual iQmetrix Wireless Summit held Oct. 16-18, 2011 at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami. At Planar we want to learn about how we can continue to improve these new interactive displays to help meet more of their business challenges.
 Best Regards, Cris.