Oct 31, 2011

Hotel Awards Honor Planar Partners

Congratulations to our customer, Hotel deLuxe who was recognized by Sunset Magazine with a 2011 Hotel Award. The Clarity Matrix in their lobby illustrates the hotel's vision in creating a compelling experience for their guests.Also, congratulations to our friend Yorgo Alexopoulos for his "digital art columns" installed at Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan Hotel. His work was called out as a key part of creating a sophisticated and totally unique property in a town that's hard to impress.
Oct 21, 2011

Congratulations, Hariri & Hariri!

The internationally acclaimed sister team, Hariri & Hariri – Architecture has a new accolade to add to their impressive credentials. Their monograph “Hariri & Hariri – Architecture: Buildings & Projects” is featured in the new Brad Pitt movie, “Moneyball.” It is sitting on the coffee table in the beach home of his ex-wife (played by Robin Wright). Of course, this accolade competes with many others, including an Interior Design Magazine “Best of the Year Award” and recognition in industry publications and on HGTV. We have enjoyed partnering with this dynamic duo in a variety of projects and activities and are excited about their ongoing More…
Oct 21, 2011

Don't Forget Your Employees

By Cris Derr Here's my "Deliver WOW!" moment of the day from IQmetrix Wireless Summit in Miami: Knowledgeable, motivated employees are as important to increasing sales as engaged customers. OK, you're probably thinking "The Miami heat has finally gotten to Cris' Pacific Northwest brain." Possibly. But it's easy to focus on the customer-centric benefits of interactive retail experiences created by iQmetrix XQ software and Planar System stylish touch displays. What has become far clearer to me during my time here at the summit is the importance of employee training as you build more engaging retail spaces. CEOs and other retail leaders at the summit More…
Oct 17, 2011

Say Goodbye to No-Touch Retail Displays

You gotta love the way reporter Dan Yates of the Canadian newspaper Leader-Post recently described the new, interactive digital displays that my company, Planar Systems, and iQmetrix are collaboratively developing: "Think of it like a brochure come to life." The digital signage solution that we are creating with the new iQmetrix platform, XQ Interactive Retail, really is the ultimate brochure for a retail environment. Customers can thumb through page after virtual page of product pictures, descriptions and other information. They can even register their preferences or complete an order—all before a customer service person has even greeted them. But More…
Oct 14, 2011

Bringing Interactive Digital Signage into Reach

We live in a time of low-hanging fruit. Not actual fruit on the bottom branches of trees, rather the metaphorically named projects that don't require much investment or risk, nor generate much in the way of sales or revenues. In the current economy, many retailers are understandably reluctant to take on the risks associated with new ways of doing business? so-called "high-hanging" fruit? even if they promise big potential benefits. But what if someone pulled those upper branches of the retail sales and marketing tree closer to terra firma? That's what the new partnership between iQmetrix and my company, Planar Systems, is doing for mobile More…
Oct 07, 2011

A Few Words from Planar's New Touch Technology Marketing Director

Do you remember the first time you interacted with a touch-enabled display? What about that feeling of total control of your viewing experience and liberation from the tethers of remote controls and keyboards? I ask because it’s my job to help Planar make touch an even more effective and liberating way to interact with machines. My name is Cris Derr. I’m the new product marketing director of Planar’s Touch and Interactive Products team, where I will drive the direction for our touch and interactive displays.I bring a rich history in technology to my new job, from my early days as an engineer at Intel, where I helped build the world’s first teraflop More…
Oct 05, 2011

Introducing the New Planar PS-Series Low-Cost Commercial LCD Displays

Planar is proud to introduce the new PS-Series large format LCD displays, which include six models that range from 42 to 65 inches and feature:   LED backlighting Dual touch technology Full-metal casing Multiple connectivity options Video wall support RS-232 control Ambient backlight control The new PS-Series ultra-slim, interactive displays are ideal in digital signage environments, including retail, quick service restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, corporate meeting rooms and lobbies.