Jan 12, 2010

Back to the 3D Movies: Avatar

Just a short note on the wonderful world of the 3D cinema. Avatar hit the screens in December 2009. Even if the story didn't dazzle everyone, they were amazed by the visual effects.But like after any given party, there comes the hangover...
Jan 11, 2010

New Touchscreens for Point-of-Sale (POS) and Retail

Today Planar launched two new touchscreens: the PA1575R 15" touchscreen computer for POS applications, and the PT2275SW 22" wide SAW touchscreen LCD for smaller format digital signage applications or desktop applications requiring larger screen sizes.  These products are also on display at NRF, Planar booth 247.        
Jan 07, 2010

The Future of Transparent Displays

Transparent displays are making their way to all sorts of consumer applications. At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, an array of the latest technology is on display. One of the new, cool laptops being featured is Samsung's prototype of its 14-inch transparent OLED display.There is definitely a wow factor to this laptop and one that consumers may be clamoring for in the near future.Other applications where transparent displays are being used have been on the radar for some time. Take a look at Planar's use of transparent display technology and learn about the benefits of its easy customization or watch the video. Do you have an application More…