May 05, 2010

A Touch Technology For Every Application

The popularity of touchscreen technology is growing immensely. You can find touchscreens available in grocery store self checkouts, movie rental kiosks and at airport check-in kiosks around the world. So, how do you decide which touch technology will work best for your specific application? Just like displays, there are a variety of technologies that are best suited for the specific application, use and environment. Life cycle costs play a major role in choosing a touchscreen. Resistive touch still dominates the marketplace, capturing approximately one-half of the touch market. Its low cost, stylus independence and technology maturity More…
Apr 29, 2010

SMART Technologies Acquires NextWindow

On April 25th, SMART Technologies, leading provider of interactive white boards, announced the acquisition of NextWindow, a leading designer and manufacturer of optical touch technology. SMART Technologies currently focuses on the education, business and government sectors. With this acquisition, SMART Technologies gets access to the consumer market as NextWindow manufactures sensors and overlays from 15 to 120 inches. Both companies have extensive patent portfolios for optical touch technology.I personally wonder if this combination of forces is a way to counteract the Asian optical touchscreen manufacturers popping up in Taiwan and China. Multiple More…
Apr 21, 2010

Planar Exhibits Variety of Displays at ESC

Planar will exhibit a variety of displays at the Embedded Systems Conference, booth #2324, in San Jose, April 27-29.LED backlighting arrays may be the solution to product specifications that require more brightness with less wattage. You'll want to be sure to check out the ultra thin 32" HD resolution display, offering a slim profile that is capable of flush wall mounting and may be the perfect solution for your energy efficient needs.Do you need a rugged, open standard touchscreen LCD monitor? Planar's latest LX1250 thin 12" high-bright LCD monitor may be just the ticket. Key features like a transflective AMLCD for daylight/night viewing, clear glass More…
Apr 20, 2010

Have you got your Apple iPad yet?

Good news. The new iPad is selling far better than Apple expected. Bad news. Their component suppliers appear to be having troubles keeping up with the demand. According to NYDailyNews.com, suppliers are having difficulties producing enough of the 9.7-inch panels and touchscreen sensors to keep up with demand. In response Apple is delaying the global launch by a month. Planar's new PX2230MW 22-inch multi-touch LCD designed for consumer applications supports many of the same features as the iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re managing music or video files, resizing or editing photos, flicking through pictures or dragging and dropping files into More…
Apr 16, 2010

Transparent? Now here's an idea!

Here's a different kind of transparent display! The display technology used here varies a lot from our TASEL technology and with the current size of production equipment, we would not be able to create that size of a display anyhow. However, it is interesting to see the different possibilities provided by transparency of a display. Perhaps it evokes new ideas... What would you create with a transparent display?
Apr 15, 2010

Touchscreen kiosk for University of Minnesota

When was the last time you went into a building looking for a doctor's office, or a strip mall looking for a store and couldn't find what you were looking for? A group of students designed a building directory informational kiosk for the University of Minnesota, enabling users to find restrooms, vending machines or meeting rooms on the various floors using the directory. It appears the touchscreen LCD in the video is similar to Planar's 22" wide PT2275SW SAW Touchscreen LCD. If you're in the market for a touchscreen, check out Planar's interactive guide on choosing the right touchscreen for your application.
Apr 06, 2010

Sharp develops 3D touchscreen LCD

Imagine a 3D touchscreen display on your cell phone! Sharp recently announced a high bright LCD display targeted at the mobile phone, smart phone, digital gaming and digital camera markets. It's 3.4 inches in size with a resolution of 480 x754 and contrast ratio of 1000:1. The display may be used in both horizontal and vertical positions and can show both 2D and 3D digital content. Avatar right on your phone!Planar's 22" multi-touch PX2230MW is a tad bit bigger and shows only 2D content, but people may still use gesturing and flicks to flip through pictures or other files.
Mar 31, 2010

Driverless Touchscreen LCDs

  Planar just published an ebook - Going Driverless: How HID Compliant Touchscreen LCDs can help when depoying large scale POS and POI installations. Some people don't realize how long it can take to load a driver onto their computer to run a touchscreen LCD; imagine doing it for 50 or more units! So what if you didn't have to load a driver just for basic touchscreen operation? Think how fast the installation would go! Check out the entire ebook at PlanarTouch.com and also the HID Compliant resistive and capacitive products in the Planar portfolio.
Mar 15, 2010

Turn your skin into a touchscreen!

This goes beyond Minority Report! Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft's Redmond research lab are investigating how to turn your body into both a touchscreen "display" and input device using an arm band with a pico projector embedded inside. Blogger Barb Dybwad asks if people are interested in turning their bodies into touchscreens. I think it'd be interesting for demonstration purposes, but I wouldn't be interested in everyday living. What do you think?
Mar 09, 2010

Optical Bonding Facility Meets Growing Demand

Have you searched for a vendor to help with your optical bonding display requirements? Planar's optical bonding lab is fully functional and able to assist with all of your optical bonding projects. And, we've created an optical bonding vendor checklist to make your selection easier.It's important to choose an optical bonding vendor that can provide comprehensive quality and engineering systems and has processes in place to certify their work. Planar's state-of-the-art optical bonding facility is a Class 10,000 certified cleanroom and has ISO 9001, MIL-Spec and FDA level quality systems in place.Why do you care about optical bonding? Well, because it More…