Jul 26, 2010

Vandal-proof Touchscreens

Does your display application require a touchscreen that can withstand the challenges of vandal abuse? When your touchscreen is subjected to unattended public access interactivity, vandal proofing can be a constant battle. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer when seeking a vandal proof solution.However, there are means of increasing resistance to vandal abuse which can generally be addressed in three broad areas: impact protection, scratch/abrasion protection and liquid ingress protection.Impact and scratch/abrasion damage are minimized by use of added glass top surfaces. Polymers, such as polycarbonate which are highly impact resistant, provide More…
Jul 21, 2010

Planar Touchscreens for Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is the rage these days. It was specifically designed to support touchscreen features such as flicking to advance the page and go back, resizing windows, tap and drag, right click, back, forward, zoom and rotate. There's also a native on-screen keyboard embedded into the operating system. Windows 7 also supports multi-touch, but you must have hardware, such as Planar's PX2230MW, to support it. Cnet has done a great video - only 3 minutes - that go into these features in more detail.
Jul 09, 2010

Flexible displays – the next big thing?

Ok, so say we got rid off the newspapers with Apple iPad. Then there’s a research project being run in University of New South Wales in Australia for creating flexible display to give you back the ”paper” feeling, when reading your newspaper on a display rather than on paper. They envision using flexible polymer-based backplanes printed on plastic substrates for low manufacturing costs, durable and flexible displays. But putting newspaper on a display and then creating a display, which is like a traditional newspaper: does it not sound a bit like one worker digging a hole and the other one following and filling it again? I know, we're saving tons of More…