Touchscreen LCDs - Support After the Sale

There are many different touchscreen LCD monitors out there - resistive, capacitive, SAW. How do you choose the right one for your application? Check out Planar's website which talks about the differences between the technologies.


So you've chosen the technology that fits your environment. What happens if that monitor fails after installation? The majority of the touchscreen suppliers only offers a three-year warranty. And if it fails you have to ship it back to their repair facility on your dime, wait at least a week or two for them to diagnose the issue, fix your monitor and ship it back. All that time you're without your touchscreen, and the system it's tied to - whether it be your POS system, point-of-information kiosk, or the interface to your machine or dispensing kiosk.


Before you buy, check out Planar's complete line of touchscreen monitors available in 15 to 22 inch sizes and resistive, capacitive and SAW touch technologies. And unlike our competition, we offer a Customer First, 3-year, 48-hour advance replacement warranty. What does this mean? If your touchscreen goes down and Planar can't diagnose the issue through the 24x7 Call Center or online chat, Planar ships you a replacement in 2 days with a return shipping label. You take out the replacement and get your system up and running. Then you put the defective unit in the box, stick on the return shipping label, and send the unit back to Planar - all on Planar's dime. It's that easy! We also offer 4 and 5-year extended warranties for additional cost. Same 48-hour advance replacement. Have more questions? Just email