May 23, 2010

Literally "Hands On" Virtual 3D Reality!

Robert Wang, a student of MIT, has developed a wonderful new way of utilising virtual reality! The unconventional looking gloves allow new possibilities for 3D modeling: you can pick-up and rotate objects with your hands just like in real life. See also FastCompany's article on the innovation.I started pondering over possible real life applications for this - other than the OBVIOUS: kids with building blocks, which will not be left lying on the floor with the sharp corner pointing towards the unsuspecting sole of your foot.. How about the surgeons practicing for an operation in virtual reality? Or hairdressers learning to make festive hairdos without More…
May 05, 2010

A Touch Technology For Every Application

The popularity of touchscreen technology is growing immensely. You can find touchscreens available in grocery store self checkouts, movie rental kiosks and at airport check-in kiosks around the world. So, how do you decide which touch technology will work best for your specific application? Just like displays, there are a variety of technologies that are best suited for the specific application, use and environment. Life cycle costs play a major role in choosing a touchscreen. Resistive touch still dominates the marketplace, capturing approximately one-half of the touch market. Its low cost, stylus independence and technology maturity More…