Optical Bonding and Display Enhancements

Sometimes displays are used in environments that require greater legibility in direct sunlight or bright ambient lighting conditions. Displays used in avionics, digital signage, vehicle navigation, outdoor television and hand-carried electronic devices generally benefit from better readibility offered when optical bonding with anti-reflective surface treatments is applied. Of course, improved display readability in some of these applications, like aviation and driving a speeding police car, are activities where slow time to perception could be life threatening.

Planar's optical bonding facility, located in Beaverton, OR, can help you with all of your optical bonding requirements. With ISO-9001 quality systems, MIL-spec and FDA-level standards, extensive in-house optical test verification capabilities and class 10,000 certified clean room and other environmental controls in place, you can be assured that your display project will meet your legibility requirements with Planar's optical bonding and surface treatments.

As you might guess, there are many criteria to consider when selecting an optical bonding vendor. However, Planar has made it easy by providing an optical bonding vendor checklist. This checklist provides a list of capabilities and standards you'll want to take into consideration when making a decision about selecting your optical bonding vendor.
Is optical bonding a requirement for your display project?