Feb 24, 2010

Large Format Signage on Display at Digital Signage Expo

The Digital Signage Expo just ended at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Planar exhibited some amazing large format digital signage displays in our booth #1254.   If your display requirements call for deployment in retail environments, Planar's 42" digital signage might be the ticket. And, we offer displays ranging from 37" to 65" to meet other size requirements. Touchscreen integration makes it easy for your customers to interact with your digital content. The 46" outdoor digital signage includes an optically bonded IR/AR filter for superior sunlight-readability, along with a wide viewing angle and custom cooling design which requires no A/C. More…
Feb 10, 2010

HP Wall of Touch!

Imagine a LARGE interactive display that doesn't even have to be touched for it to respond! That's what HP is testing - a touchless "Wall of Touch". It's made up of nine 43" "zero bezel" displays, each 1.5" thick with a resolution of 1080p, being driven by HP Z-800 workstation. Can you imagine walking by being able to find a store, or see different video feeds with a flick of movement? Check out the WSJ blog posting and video demonstration, and see it for yourself.
Feb 09, 2010

Optical Touchscreen Investment News

Yet another sign that the touchscreen market is rapidly growing. FlatFrog Laboratories based in Sweden and UK announced they raised the equivalent of $18M US in new equity to develop and productize their cost-effective large multi-touch in-glass displays, mainly targeted at the education, gaming, hospitality and digital signage markets.This on the heals of the Tyco Electronics acquisition of French touch input technology company Sensitive Object for $62M announced late January, 2010. It'll be interesting to see what Tyco does with the technology - if Tyco plans to go after the small touchscreen markets like Apple iPad or GPS markets.
Feb 05, 2010

Select Your Touchscreen Guide

  Planar has created an interactive tool to choose the right touchscreen display for a specific application or market. There's a short version - about 14 questions and a longer version (still pretty short - 18 questions). What's even better is you can have someone contact you and guide you on how to get a demo or purchase. Check out the touchscreen guide or click on the link at planartouch.com.
Feb 01, 2010

Optical Bonding and Display Enhancements

Sometimes displays are used in environments that require greater legibility in direct sunlight or bright ambient lighting conditions. Displays used in avionics, digital signage, vehicle navigation, outdoor television and hand-carried electronic devices generally benefit from better readibility offered when optical bonding with anti-reflective surface treatments is applied. Of course, improved display readability in some of these applications, like aviation and driving a speeding police car, are activities where slow time to perception could be life threatening. Planar's optical bonding facility, located in Beaverton, OR, can help you with all More…