3D Vision ready monitor from Planar - the SA2311W

Why did a visitor go "WoHOuhouWow!!!" at A3.276 at Electronica on Tuesday?

We are exhibiting at Electronica 2010 and today launched the SA2311W, 3D Vision ready monitor. The monitor is designed for 3D viewing based on high quality 2D image. The monitor itself does not do the conversion, which has been the question of many of the trade show visitors who have had the chance the experience the SA2311W already, but we use NVIDIA's 3D Vision kit and 3D player for the 3D effect AND you must have 3D content to start with. There are companies who do 2D to 3D conversion, like for example Finnish Stereoscape, if you want to get your 2D content compatible with 3D.

Oh, and the visitor! Well, we gave him the NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses, so that he could experience the wonderful 3D image possible with SA2311W.