75% growth

The heading's amazing growth figure is what InAvate reports based on DisplaySearch's findings for 3D stereoscopic displays to experience by 2018. Of course, as the research also explains, this means mostly consumer sales and 3D at home.

Planar's 3D Stereoscopic Monitors with patented StereoMirror technology are not meant for home, though. With double the resolution compared to the standard home solutions - HD or not - these monitors are meant for professionals. Some Planar staff have experimented playing console games utilising the added fun of the StereoMirror technology and apparently the effect has been huge: the legend tells that beers almost went untouched on a "boys' night in" doing the testing. But just for gaming these monitors prove a bit pricey still.

Who then can truly benefit from Planar's 3D Stereoscopic Monitors? Geospatial and medical professionals appreciate the high quality picture in tasks where absolute accuracy is needed. Have a read of Planar's latest ebook on the requirements of geospatial professionals for 3D stereoscopic monitors, released just now!