Dec 30, 2010

3D glasses?

3D Vision Blog has an interesting article published today comparing the different options of glasses for viewing 3D. The 3D glasses review includes anaglyph red-cyan glasses, passive polarized solutions, solutions with active shutter glasses, autostereoscopic 3D displays. Planar's professional 3D stereoscopic displays are based on the passive polarization together with our patented StereoMirror technology and we've had great feedback on the user comfort. That's valuable to us, as the SD range of 3D stereoscopic monitors is designed for professionals who might be using the monitor for even eight hours per day. However, for added intensity and a more More…
Nov 30, 2010

Planar at NRF 2011

Jan 10-11th, 2011 Planar will be attending Retail's BIG show. NRF's 100th Annual Convention attracts more than 17,500 retail professionals from 62 countries! Planar will be exhibiting a variety of products, including the PA1575R 15-inch resistive touch all-in-one computer designed for point-of-sale (POS) applications, the 15-inch PT1545R resistive touchscreen LCD with an economical price point, the 19-inch PT1975S monitor integrated with a rugged SAW touchscreen; and a 12-inch POS touchscreen monitor perfect for retail applications. Come check out our new product offerings at NRF Jan 10-11th, 2011 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, More…
Nov 18, 2010

Installing a Card Swipe/MSR on Planar Touchscreen

Planar has posted a short, 1 minute video on how to install a MSR - magnetic card swipe - onto select models of the PT product family. Touchscreen monitor with integrated MSR comes in handy for POS (point-of-sale) applications in retail stores, cafeterias, or hotel gift shops.
Nov 11, 2010

3D Vision ready monitor from Planar - the SA2311W

Why did a visitor go "WoHOuhouWow!!!" at A3.276 at Electronica on Tuesday? We are exhibiting at Electronica 2010 and today launched the SA2311W, 3D Vision ready monitor. The monitor is designed for 3D viewing based on high quality 2D image. The monitor itself does not do the conversion, which has been the question of many of the trade show visitors who have had the chance the experience the SA2311W already, but we use NVIDIA's 3D Vision kit and 3D player for the 3D effect AND you must have 3D content to start with. There are companies who do 2D to 3D conversion, like for example Finnish Stereoscape, if you want to get your 2D content compatible with More…
Oct 07, 2010

New lower power consumption LCD Video Wall system now shipping

Planar began shipping the Clarity Matrix LX model in August. The Clarity Matrix LX is an extension of the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System family, featuring a new ultra-narrow bezel LCD panel that has an image-to-image gap of only 7.3 mm (slightly more than the thickness of a pencil) with a lower power consumption backlight (max 290 watts). Like the standard Clarity Matrix model (MX), Clarity Matrix LX uses a unique architecture that includes an integrated mounting system, off-board components, and built-in processing capabilities to provide optimized tiling, ease of service and installation, and extended reliability (backlight life: 50,000 hours) More…
Oct 06, 2010

The Future of Touchscreens

There's no limit to what touchscreens can do! Everything from self-service check-in kiosks at Walgreens, to do it yourself stations at the post office, there are many applications that take advantage of the easy to use touchscreen. All you have to do is touch the display to quickly finish the transation. But I watched a video today that shows where else touchscreens can be used. The most unique was face recognition on the sink faucet, enabling the stream to be automatically adjusted based on user preference! I also liked the retail check-out stations which gives a suggested upsell item (or two!). And for those of you who grew up in the 80's the More…
Sep 30, 2010

Multi-touch on your desktop!

Planar now offers the PX2230MW 22" Widescreen Multi-Touch Monitor. Designed only for Microsoft Windows® 7, this display gives you brand new ways to interact with your PC. You can use both single-touch (Flick, Scroll, Tap, Drag) and multi-touch (Grab, Rotate, Double-Tap, Zoom In and Zoom out) gestures to work with your documents and applications. Use your fingers in a natural fashion or for more precise control use a stylus. The wall-mountable Planar PX2230MW can be used in a children’s play room for games or in the kitchen to bring recipes right to the chef's fingertips. More information on Microsoft Windows® Touch is available here.
Aug 10, 2010

Planar Embedded: The Engineer View: Vandal-proof Touchscreens

Does your display application require a touchscreen that can withstand the challenges of vandal abuse? When your touchscreen is subjected to unattended public access interactivity, vandal proofing can be a constant battle. Planar has published a great post on Vandal-proof Touchscreens, items to consider when installing in vandal-prone environments and Planar's capabilities in Optical Bonding.
Aug 09, 2010

Planar Monitor Liquid Ingress Test

Water ingress testing on your rugged display can be performed in several ways. In this image, you see a Planar LA1750RTZ prototype undergoing a water ingress test with 65 gallons of water a minute, from a 1" diameter fire hose, for almost 5 minutes. Imagine the pressure on the display panel and enclosure from this amount of water over the 5 minute duration! This is one surefire way to test any water seepage into your display and provides valuable test information to prevent the occurrence.Displays are used in all sort of outdoor, rugged environments where they are subjected to liquid elements. From marine to emergency and heavy equipment applications, More…
Jul 26, 2010

Vandal-proof Touchscreens

Does your display application require a touchscreen that can withstand the challenges of vandal abuse? When your touchscreen is subjected to unattended public access interactivity, vandal proofing can be a constant battle. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer when seeking a vandal proof solution.However, there are means of increasing resistance to vandal abuse which can generally be addressed in three broad areas: impact protection, scratch/abrasion protection and liquid ingress protection.Impact and scratch/abrasion damage are minimized by use of added glass top surfaces. Polymers, such as polycarbonate which are highly impact resistant, provide More…