Sep 29, 2009

Where does 3D content come from?

We all know and have perhaps already experienced how large film studios are experimenting with 3D. However experts doubt 3D films will make a real breakthrough anytime soon, as lack of possibilities for viewing 3D films at home will keep the profits still rather thin for films produced in 3D. In the following are some examples of other sources of 3D content.   You can find advertising agencies and production companies creating 3D content, for example Trick or Treat Studio in Italy.   You can buy various 3D content, for example for games design like Content Paradise offers on their website.   Google Earth boasts of More…
Sep 21, 2009

3D advertising in London

At London's St Pancras station - the hub also for the Eurostar trains - is currently on display a 3D advertising campaign. The campaign is by Balfour International Group and it features Scottish Widows' 30 second advertisement on 42" screens. Read more and see a photo at InAVate's latest online issue which you can find by clicking here.
Sep 18, 2009

Electroluminescent Display

  Some of you may be wondering exactly how Electroluminescent Display Technology can be used for your application. It seems the folks at EF Johnson Technologies have come up with a pretty cool way to enhance their new mobile radio, Lightning™ Control Head, with a Planar EL display. By embedding the EL display in their radio, they have the brightest and clearest display on the market today.     EL displays are perfect for a number of applications, including military, vehicle dashboard and communication equipment. Over the past 25 years, Planar has made significant improvement to brightness and contrast, reduced power consumption and vibration More…
Sep 15, 2009

Process Controls for Display Manufacturing

  Economic times are tough and good vendor process controls are more important now than ever when working on your display project. Additionally, when making changes to your display design, you want to be sure your vendor is able to adapt to those changes to meet your goals and deadlines, while maintaining control over costs. But, when searching for a vendor it can be tricky to know what processes a vendor should have in place.Now, you can quickly learn about process controls that will make your vendor relationship experience a success. Simply take a look at Planar's latest Ebook, Process Controls for Display Manufacturing, which provides important More…
Sep 14, 2009

ProSolutions for Chiropractic chooses PT1710MX

  ProSolutions for Chiropractic, Inc, a company that provides technologically advanced solutions to the Chiropractic industry, has chosen Planar's PT1710MX 17" resistive touchscreen LCD monitor for its ProAdjuster system. The ProAdjuster is used for spinal analysis and adjustment. The PT1710MX shows the readings from the ProAdjuster instrument. See a full video demonstration on their website.