3D/Stereoscopic Video Samples

Are you looking for some examples of stereoscopic video to show on a StereoMirror? We have uploaded some sample videos of MOV and MPEG4 formats.

To play stereoscopic video, download the 3D Player at 3DTV.at. The site that allows left and right video to be played in stereo via Stereoscopic Player. Video files can be played using either the Quad-buffered OpenGL setting or the side-by-side stereo option with the monitors in Horizontal span mode. This site also has some other sample stereo video available for download.

Tweak RV is another application that can be used for stereo video playback. It does not support AVI files like the 3DTV Stereoscopic Player, but it allows .mov files to be played in stereo.

Download the sample 3D videos - left video, right video. You will need both downloads.

If you have some interesting 3D video samples, we'd love to see them.