Planar StereoMirror on Display at SIGGRAPH and GEOINT

Have you seen Planar's line of StereoMirror displays? Now you'll have a chance to see what all the talk is about during a demonstration that will answer your stereoscopic display questions about the viewing angle, resolution and image quality of these monitors. Planar will exhibit the SD2620W and the newest version, SD2220W, in booth #3627 at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans, LA, August 4-6 and again in booth #544 at GEOINT 2009 Symposium in San Antonio, TX, October 18-21.


StereoMirror technology enables an unprecedented level of stereo viewing comfort and there is no restrictive "sweet spot" for viewing stereo images or any need to work in a dimly-lit environment. The Stereoscopic displays make it easier for many professionals to do their job. Applications include geospatial and 3D for simulation and training, among others.


Do you use a stereoscopic display for your work? What features do you find most important?