Jul 15, 2009

Interactive Guide: Define a Custom LCD

We just released an interactive tour to complement the ebook, Guide to Selecting a Custom LCD. We guide you through all the major considerations and trade-offs in defining a custom LCD. This application provides two options: Short Version - 10 questions built for a quick experience Full Version - 46 questions built for being comprehensive You can request an email summary of your specs at the end of the guide. Try the Guide.
Jul 15, 2009

Display Technology 101 Guides

Looking for a source that will provide guides to your display technology questions? Look no further than Planar's Touch Technologies White Paper and Touch Technology page. Questions from How to design an EL display to an Interactive Guide to Selecting an LCD display are all covered here, along with lots more information. We've even posted some Ebooks for a quick read to answer your questions about display technology. Check out the informational videos on our YouTube page, as well. We've got you covered with a host of informative resources!Whether you're starting, in the middle or just plain stuck in your display process, what other guides would be More…