Jul 27, 2009

Planar & Beauty

  New 3D stereo imaging application for Planar 3D stereo monitors with great potential! Bona Forma had a Planar 3D stereoscopic monitor SD2020W in their booth at the “Beauty through Science 2009” conference in Stockholm on 11-13 June 2009 with their aesthetic surgery outcome simulation, prediction and optimization software. Bona Forma is a high-tech enterprise with expertise in breast augmentation, cranio-maxillofacial surgery and design of bespoke implants. They offer a unique ability to predict and optimize the patient’s post-surgery appearance at the initial pre-surgery stage. They say they achieve accurate simulations by combining 3D scanning More…
Jul 21, 2009

Planar 17" Resistive Touchscreen LCD Chosen for POS System

eMazzanti Technologies, computer network solutions provider based in Hoboken, NJ chose Planar's PT1710MX 17" economical resistive touchscreen LCD for the Bergen County Camera POS system installation based on the Windows® 7 operating system platform. Case study link is below. Watch for the PT1710MX starting at 1.24.
Jul 15, 2009

Interactive Guide: Define a Custom LCD

We just released an interactive tour to complement the ebook, Guide to Selecting a Custom LCD. We guide you through all the major considerations and trade-offs in defining a custom LCD. This application provides two options: Short Version - 10 questions built for a quick experience Full Version - 46 questions built for being comprehensive You can request an email summary of your specs at the end of the guide. Try the Guide.
Jul 15, 2009

Display Technology 101 Guides

Looking for a source that will provide guides to your display technology questions? Look no further than Planar's Touch Technologies White Paper and Touch Technology page. Questions from How to design an EL display to an Interactive Guide to Selecting an LCD display are all covered here, along with lots more information. We've even posted some Ebooks for a quick read to answer your questions about display technology. Check out the informational videos on our YouTube page, as well. We've got you covered with a host of informative resources!Whether you're starting, in the middle or just plain stuck in your display process, what other guides would be More…
Jul 14, 2009

Ingram chooses Planar touchscreen for POS bundle

Ingram's DC/POS just announced that Planar's PT15 resistive touchscreen is the featured LCD in their new security-focused POS solution bundle for small retailers. Other hardware and software partners include HP, MagTek, Uniforce Technology, Cherry Electronics, Citizen and Payment Processing.
Jul 08, 2009

3D/Stereoscopic Video Samples

Are you looking for some examples of stereoscopic video to show on a StereoMirror? We have uploaded some sample videos of MOV and MPEG4 formats. To play stereoscopic video, download the 3D Player at 3DTV.at. The site that allows left and right video to be played in stereo via Stereoscopic Player. Video files can be played using either the Quad-buffered OpenGL setting or the side-by-side stereo option with the monitors in Horizontal span mode. This site also has some other sample stereo video available for download.Tweak RV is another application that can be used for stereo video playback. It does not support AVI files like the 3DTV Stereoscopic More…
Jul 07, 2009

Touch Screen LCDs for Interactive Health Care Systems

ScriptRx has just selected our Planar PT resistive touch screens for their interactive health care systems. ScriptRx has developed an electronic workflow that helps hospitals and clinic administrators handle the patient discharge process more quickly and easily, benefiting both the patients and the hospitals. More than 5,000 practitioners in more than 200 facilities across 32 states use a ScriptRx system with Planar PT touch screens. ScriptRx headquarters is in West Palm Beach, FL and an article about this solution for health care providers appeared in CRN. A case study about the ScriptRX electronic patient discharge system and information about More…
Jul 02, 2009

Planar Displays New Products at Society for Information Display Show

  Planar featured several new prototype products recently at the SID 2009 Exhibition in San Antonio, TX, along with a wide range of the Electroluminescent products seen here that meet your needs for an ultra-wide temperature range, rugged at-a-glance viewing and proven technology display. For the first time, Planar exhibited a green EL display featuring a wide viewing angle, alongside the existing transparent EL display that features unique, adaptive, rugged see-through technology. Also on exhibit were the marine and mining displays and a StereoMirror 3D display. What type of display are you looking for? Request Planar's Design More…
Jul 02, 2009

Planar StereoMirror on Display at SIGGRAPH and GEOINT

Have you seen Planar's line of StereoMirror displays? Now you'll have a chance to see what all the talk is about during a demonstration that will answer your stereoscopic display questions about the viewing angle, resolution and image quality of these monitors. Planar will exhibit the SD2620W and the newest version, SD2220W, in booth #3627 at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans, LA, August 4-6 and again in booth #544 at GEOINT 2009 Symposium in San Antonio, TX, October 18-21.   StereoMirror technology enables an unprecedented level of stereo viewing comfort and there is no restrictive "sweet spot" for viewing stereo images or any need to work in a More…