StereoMirror Provides Best Real-Time Display


Have you ever tried to figure out how to get the best image quality for aerial photography product processing and triangulation of ortho photos? According to AeroTech Mapping Inc., Planar's 3D StereoMirror monitor provides an image that is almost as clear as the negative itself. They have three displays for triangulation and compilation, which is the process of collecting digital data from stereo photography for use in creating topographical maps. They use Datem Systems' Summit Evolution software and three P-3 analytical plotters.

With several StereoMirror monitors in their office, including an SD1710 and SD2020, AeroTech has doubled their production stations while using a fraction of the space compared to analytical plotters. Besides excellent image quality, AeroTech's technicians are able to use the stereo monitors for up to ten hours at a time with only a few breaks in between. The comfort level of Planar's StereoMirror monitors is very high.

Have you used a StereoMirror monitor for your mapping projects? How does it compare to the quality of analytical plotters?