StereoMirror Used For Aerial Surveys


Providing accurate 3D photogrammetric mapping is complicated and photogrammetrists are always looking for monitors that will improve their viewing experiences and aid in verifying data. Planar's StereoMirror SD2420W with Planar's PX 2411W has been used by Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. to suit their needs moving into a complete digital workflow and provide better image quality.

In verifying the accuracy of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) used in their orthophoto production process, Keystone's team was able to confirm that the data was "correct" and then, if needed, correct any problem areas quickly and effectively using a StereoMirror. They use Inpho DTMaster and 3D Stealth mouse. The SD2420W widescreen allows each user to view a much larger area without sacrificing the desired image magnification extent which is helpful when working with multiple users.

Are you a photogrammetrist? What stereoscopic viewing features would be beneficial for your work?