Apr 23, 2009

StereoMirror at NAB

Planar showed footage from the 3D movie, Coraline (http://coraline.com/), produced by LAIKA (http://www.laika.com/) at the recent NAB convention held in Las Vegas. Folks watched the opening scene of Coraline’s family moving into their Pink Palace Apartment and the amazing mouse circus scene that took place in “the other world.” The content was shown using “RV” image and sequence viewer from Tweak Software (http://www.tweakfilms.com/). The StereoMirror technology is an excellent tool for 3D modeling, stereoscopic photography and 3D post production work, among other applications.     What movies do you think would be "other worldly" in 3D? Do More…
Apr 14, 2009

Multiple monitors: They are not just a wish list item

Christopher Null of the blog "The Working Guy" had a great entry:Two monitors = 44 percent increase in productivityHe writes about "...the New York Times which cites research that -- on certain text-editing tasks -- users were 44 percent faster using two 20-inch monitors instead of a single 18-inch screen."See the original NYT story titled Boss, I Need a Bigger Screen. For Work Efficiency, of Course.We've seen this for years. Multiple monitors are like adding a room on your house: the add more floor to stretch out in and more space to work in. The efficiencies can be seen in adding a second monitor to a laptop or 2 or more monitors to a desktop More…
Apr 02, 2009

Mobile Communication System Aids Fire Department

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department recently installed a full-blown communication equipment package inside the department's public information vehicle. Tricked out with a keyboard, touch-screen monitor and flat-panel television which folds neatly in the rear of the sport utility vehicle, the County Emergency Operations Center can receive vital information in a matter of minutes. With peak fire season on the horizon, the communication equipment will help provide faster updates to the public on any urgent evacuation messages and save valuable time. Planar's LX1200TI display was part of the communication package and is perfect for public safety More…
Apr 01, 2009

StereoMirror v. Perceiva

Obviously the team has been busy with another comparison document to highlight the differences between Planar's StereoMirror and dual stacked LCD stereoscopic monitors.Download the comparison
Apr 01, 2009

StereoMirror v. Red Rover

Our product management team recently assembled a comparison of Planar's StereoMirror and True 3Di's Red Rover product. Download the comparison document.