Mar 06, 2009

Planar Touchscreen running a Tormach Milling Machine!

Planar touchscreen monitors are indeed everywhere - even with a Tormach milling machine! The user had this to say about the set-up: "I am using the Tormach version of Mach 3 but did make a new screen with the screen editor. Got rid of the stuff I don't use and added the stuff I do. This is really a great setup!"
Mar 06, 2009

Emerging Display Technology article from PCMag.com

In Michael Miller's PCMag.com article - Emerging Display Technology: OLEDs, Touch Screens, Flexible Displays and Pico Projectors - Geoff Walker from Elo makes the point that there's no one silver bullet when it comes to choosing the right touchscreen technology for your unique application. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. See the complete article at http://blogs.pcmag.com/miller/2009/03/emerging_display_technology_ol.php.