Entry-level Version of StereoMirror 3D/Stereoscopic Display

3D/stereoscopic displays are quickly becoming the "need to have" technology. Now, it's easier with the lower-cost, entry-level SD1710 recently announced by Planar. The redesigned version is almost 40% less than the original version. That'll keep some money in your pocket!

Perfect for photogrammetry production houses and molecular modeling teams who want to put a StereoMirror on every desktop, we found the SD1710 maintains the strong stereoscopic viewing performance required in critical daily applications. If you are looking for appropriate StereoMirror solutions should consider frequency of use, the stereo image quality requirements, the criticality of the application and price.

Check out a comparison of Planar's other StereoMirror displays for your 3D/stereoscopic needs. What application could you use a 3D/stereoscopic display for?