Mar 20, 2009

New removable touchscreen netbook available May/June 2009

I thought this was an interesting concept, a new ARM-powered netbook running Linux O/S with an optional keyboard! A user could use the keyboard to respond to emails, or remove the touchscreen to watch movies, read an ebook, take notes with a stylus, or play games. The touchscreen can even be mounted to a refrigerator as the back is a magnet. Economically priced as well - $399 for the complete netbook or $299 for the touchscreen portion.
Mar 18, 2009

Entry-level Version of StereoMirror 3D/Stereoscopic Display

3D/stereoscopic displays are quickly becoming the "need to have" technology. Now, it's easier with the lower-cost, entry-level SD1710 recently announced by Planar. The redesigned version is almost 40% less than the original version. That'll keep some money in your pocket!Perfect for photogrammetry production houses and molecular modeling teams who want to put a StereoMirror on every desktop, we found the SD1710 maintains the strong stereoscopic viewing performance required in critical daily applications. If you are looking for appropriate StereoMirror solutions should consider frequency of use, the stereo image quality requirements, the criticality More…
Mar 18, 2009

Presidential 3D Vision

At the recent ASPRS show, Miguel Pelaz Puebla of GeoToolBox Ibérica S.L. shared a picture with us. The image shows the President of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, trying a Planar StereoMirror stereoscopic display.
Mar 18, 2009

Thin Flim Electroluminescent (TFEL) Display Technology

Have you been wondering how to reduce the cost of your display product and retain the outstanding design requirements provided by electronluminescent (EL) technology? Planar recently announced that our thin-film electroluminescent (TFEL) module will be used by Jetronic Technology for the domestic China market, as well as in a product manufactured by a U.S. company specializing in public safety products. TFEL is perfect for integrating into products where extreme temperature environments and demanding ergonomic conditions are required. The TFEL display modules have been used in a variety of products and industrial display applications, including More…
Mar 06, 2009

Planar Touchscreen running a Tormach Milling Machine!

Planar touchscreen monitors are indeed everywhere - even with a Tormach milling machine! The user had this to say about the set-up: "I am using the Tormach version of Mach 3 but did make a new screen with the screen editor. Got rid of the stuff I don't use and added the stuff I do. This is really a great setup!"
Mar 06, 2009

Emerging Display Technology article from PCMag.com

In Michael Miller's PCMag.com article - Emerging Display Technology: OLEDs, Touch Screens, Flexible Displays and Pico Projectors - Geoff Walker from Elo makes the point that there's no one silver bullet when it comes to choosing the right touchscreen technology for your unique application. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. See the complete article at http://blogs.pcmag.com/miller/2009/03/emerging_display_technology_ol.php.