The Wonderful World of LEDs

Planar has published a new eBook on LED Technology for AMLCD Backlights. The latest eBook is now available to download.

LCD, LED, backlights... All the same terms which are familiar to industrial display projects and display professionals are becoming familiar to the home TV users as well. Have a look at Sony's "TV lecture", I'd say the content is more interesting to display professionals rather than someone looking to get the best possible viewing experience at home... Well, judge for yourself from this 10-minute clip posted by sonylearntv.

To be fair to the different brands, here's also Samsung's input to the LED TV discussion. It's a TV ad for the Samsung's new LED TV, so more marketing orientated than the Sony clip. You've been warned!

When talking about LEDs, I cannot resist adding the clip by BaaaStuds as the grande finale to this short end-of-the-year blog post. Especially, if you are spending this week on holiday and STILL reading this blog, you've deserved a bit of entertainment.

On behalf of our entire team: thank you for reading Planar blogs in 2009 and all the best wishes for the New Year 2010!!!