Dec 29, 2009

The Wonderful World of LEDs

Planar has published a new eBook on LED Technology for AMLCD Backlights. The latest eBook is now available to download.LCD, LED, backlights... All the same terms which are familiar to industrial display projects and display professionals are becoming familiar to the home TV users as well. Have a look at Sony's "TV lecture", I'd say the content is more interesting to display professionals rather than someone looking to get the best possible viewing experience at home... Well, judge for yourself from this 10-minute clip posted by sonylearntv.To be fair to the different brands, here's also Samsung's input to the LED TV discussion. It's a TV ad for the More…

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Dec 21, 2009

Electroluminescent Displays at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

The electroluminescent (EL) display that was used in the GRID Compass 1101 laptop on the space shuttle in 1985 has made history again. The GRID laptop, one of the first laptops on the market, is on display in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.   In a previous blog post, you can see an image of the laptop with the EL display on board the space shuttle. EL technology has made continual and dramatic improvements, but you'd have to say that a display that can withstand g-force environments is an ideal solution for the most challenging and demanding applications.   Planar's EL displays have significantly improved over the past 25 years. More…

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Dec 16, 2009

LCD Displays and the Future of Touch

The researchers at MIT's Media Lab have been working on a thin LCD display design that is touch and gesture friendly, much like your iPhone. Despite the fact they've already developed a large -scale gestural interface like the system that Tom Cruise's character uses in the movie Minority Report, the goal is to be able to incorporate the gestural display into a thin LCD device without wearing gloves or any type of tracking tags.LCDs with built-in optical sensors are new to the market and Media Lab hasn't been able to procure any yet, so they are experimenting with a mocked up display in their lab to test their approach. The LCD display includes an More…

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Dec 09, 2009

Oudoor Kiosks...A Sign of the Times

Outdoor kiosks are seen everywhere from Times Square to sporting event venues to airport terminals across the country, not to mention the increase in products offered for purchase from these point of purchase kiosks. Displays that are rugged enough to be used in high traffic environments like this offer a perfect solution to present an assortment of information and services including purchasing products, providing directions, displaying advertisements and offering news.   Just take a run through any airport in the U.S. and you'll see kiosks that allow you to buy and print your ticket and/or boarding pass, plus buy an assortment of products ranging More…

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Dec 03, 2009

StereoMirror Aids in Reading Mammograms

With the recent debate over new medical guidelines for routine mammographies for women under the age of 50 who are not in a high risk group, women may become even more concerned about the accuracy involved with reading their imaging test results. Planar's StereoMirror 3D displays plays a pivotal role in reading stereoscopic digital mammography results in many clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country by aiding radiologist who are responsible for providing a quick, accurate diagnosis and assessment.With the ability to see breast tissue in 3D, diagnosis tends to be more accurate and breast abnormalities are detected earlier than in More…

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Dec 02, 2009

Ultra-Thin Bezel LCD Video Wall System

Have you seen the latest series of giant video walls popping up in retail environments across the country? Some are better than others, for sure. One recently launched product standing out though is the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall.   The cool feature with this video wall has to be the ultra-thin bezel that provides awesome tiled visual performance. Just think what it's like to view a bunch of video wall panels with thick bezels breaking the visual flow. Now, think of viewing a wall of panels that look seamless. You get the picture!   Clarity Matrix utilizes commercial-grade 46" LCD panels with breakthrough narrow-bezel characteristics More…

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