3D cinema

Do I even have to mention it: 3D cinema is here to stay. As one of the topics on the previous blog post about 3D content, here is a wider exploration on 3D cinema.

Here in Finland the new era of 3D cinema started a bit over a year ago with footage from U2's previous world tour with a film called U23Dand the visually magnificent Journey to the Center of the Earth (click here to see the trailer). Currently Up 3Dentertains the younger audiences in about 20 cinemas where 3D viewing is available in Finland - that might not sound like much to you but it's more than in any other Nordic country, so it makes us Finns very proud!

3D cinema is a topical issue, see e.g. how Kevin Smith discusses 3D cinemaon YouTube. Topical, yes, even if the whole thing was already invented in the 50's: the firstever 3D film was Bwana Devil in 1952. Back then the idea also was that 3D would come and save the cinema. Sounds familiar, eh? With DVD's and Blu-Ray's and home cinema equipment turning out ever more popular and the technologies used becoming more advanced, the cinema needs something "new" to attract the crowds to enjoy the BIG screen. Is 3D the answer?

Planar's 3D products are originally designed for use by professionals in photogrammetry and for geospatial applications. Read more about the 3D monitors, which Planar offers and which could be useful in post production stages of creating 3D cinema.