Planar 3D in the hunt for Alzheimer's?

Planar's 3D Stereoscopic monitors are used as a part of a vital race with time to help predict Alzheimer's disease early. See CBS's Health Specialist Kathy Walsh reporting from University of Colorado Denver with the images of Planar's 3D being used for vision testing to develop a test which will help in early detection of the disease thus helping the patient to live healthier and longer.

Yes, I could go on boasting about the wonderful multiuser capability, which can be seen on the clip and did you notice how the monitor could be used in the standard office lighting while not strictly staying on the "sweet spot" and still get the benefits of a 3D image...? But no, I think I will use this space and chance to spread the awareness of the disease.

Early detection is the key, so be sure to know the sympthoms of Alzheimer's and to spot them on your loved ones - if not yourself - to get early treatment. According to University of Colorado Denver, they hope to have the test ready in about 4 years... That's a long time with Alzheimer's!

Look for more information on Alzheimer's and local contacts from the following organisations:

See also Alzheimer's awareness advertisements on AdFreak's blog entry. There are a French and a British version - which one is your "favourite" and sticks in your mind better?