Apr 14, 2008

3D Cinema Boom

The market for 3-D cinema is getting even more mainstream media coverage these days. This time, it's Fortune, getting in the mix with "Who's Cashing In on the 3-D Boom?" The article is solid overview of the various players, including the production side of the business. Shooting 3-D films used to be a nightmare; you needed a pair of perfectly synced cameras for every scene. Shooting digital 3-D is easier, but you still need a two-camera setup that captures images fast enough to play back at 144 frames a second (rather than 24). The leader in the field is Pace Technologies, based in Burbank, Calif. Founder Vince Pace, best known for the underwater More…
Mar 31, 2008

ABC News Includes Footage of Planar's StereoMirror

We are very proud of our involvement in the clinical studies at Emory University. The results of this study were previewed at RSNA and receieved a lot of media coverage. Now ABC News has covered the story, and their video footage includes prominent shots of Planar's StereoMirror. See the complete coverage by ABC News. Be sure to go to clip #3 for the story "Seeing Mammograms Like Never Before."Visit Planar3D for more more details about the clinical study.    
Mar 27, 2008

Mariner Touch Monitors

Our engineering team has put a ton of work into creating the first marine displays with embedded touchscreens. The project had its share of challenges, but now we have a solution which can stand up to all the unique characteristics of a marine environment. We've even added optical bonding to help with viewability the high ambient light conditions you find on a marine vessel. Ultra wide vertical viewing angle High ambient contrast ratio Infrared touch sensor Anti-reflective & anti-glare coated cover glass Direct bonding of cover glass IP65 watertight enclosure
Mar 27, 2008

Transparent Electroluminescent Display Whitepaper

Gerald Smid, Adi Abileah, Kari Härkönen and Arto Pakkala of Planar Systems recently presented their findings on transparent electroluminescent displays at the Electronics Displays Conference in Nuermberg, Germany. You can download their whitepaper on transparent EL displays or review our entire whitepaper collection.The paper explore new developments, where rear electrodes are replaced with transparent material to make the whole panel totally transparent.
Feb 22, 2008

StereoMirror Goes to West Point

  Military Geospatial Technology covered the Geospatial Information Science program at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The article includes a shot of a current cadet using Planar's StereoMirror.   At the heart of that effort is the Geospatial Information Science (GISc) degree program, one of five majors within the Geography and Environmental Engineering Department. The goal of the GISc program, according to its Website, is to give "future Army officers, regardless of branch, the knowledge set to leverage these tools when leading soldiers in our high-tech digital Army."from Geospatial Academy, Military Geospatial More…
Feb 20, 2008

3D Display Immersed in Work

The February issue of ProAV magazine has a great article on how 3D/stereoscopic technology is being used in professional applications. The article includes stats about the growth of the 3D market and photos of other 3D environments. Planar's own Scott Robinson, StereoMirror Product Manager, gets quoted throughout the piece. “They found that the 3D view has reduced false positives by something like 49 percent and false negatives by 40 percent,” says Robinson, product manager ofstereoscopic displays at Planar. “What we're seeing in the medical market is that we need to go through some of these clinical trials and give evidence that not only does a More…
Feb 11, 2008

LCD Enhancements & Optical Bonding

Our operations and engineering teams have been hard at work expanding our optical bonding capabilities. This process provides substantial improvements to the ruggedness and clarity of LCDs. We have even added a new whitepaper to our collection to explain how it works. Achieving Greater Legibility on Displays Utilizing Optical Bonding and Anti-Reflective Surface Treatments This paper provides an understanding of how optical bonding with anti-reflective surface treatments enhance TFTs for better readability in bright ambient viewing conditions.
Jan 09, 2008

Whitepaper Collection

We've been busy adding to our whitepaper collection. You can find technology overviews and applications notes, all available for download as PDFs. The latest additions to the collection include: Reexamining the Potential of Infrared (IR) Touchscreens This paper examines the choices that are available to the product designer and integrator, and provides information to assist in the selection of the most appropriate touch technology option. Compare/Contrast of Thin Film EL to EL Backlighting, LED, and OLED Technologies This paper provides an understanding of the differences among electroluminescent devices. Interface Solutions for Planar's EL More…
Jan 09, 2008


You don't need a StereoMirror to see this film, but it probably could have helped during production. 3ality Digital did the production work, including the sophisticated stereoscopic camera set-up. We look forward to seeing this one when it's released at Sundance.For more coverage, check out this article. "Previous generations of 3D film relied heavily on gimmicks, and the limits of the technology resulted in eyestrain--diminishing the life-like qualities," according to production company 3ality Digital, which, in an overview posted at the film's website, said it was shot using "cutting-edge technologies ... from artificial intelligence that aligns More…