Sep 02, 2008

Multi-touch Experimentation

We love IDEO's approach to solving design challenges. They've been applying some of their design thinking skills to prototyping a multi-touch system. They have even open sourced the project. You can get a backstage view of their home-brew multi-touch project on the IDEO Labs blog. Anyone else experimenting with mult-touch? We're interested in hearing about the highs and lows of your experiences. Tell us more.
Aug 20, 2008

Installation Milestone for In-vehicle Touch Monitors

Our team is proud of reaching a new milestone for one of our in-vehicle products. The LX1200TI has been installed in police cars, fire trucks and utility vehicles. The product has also led to the development of additional transportation displays. Check out the press release about the milestone, and expect future announcement from us on additional innovations for transportation applications.
Aug 08, 2008

Customized Digital Signage

Our engineering team has been cranking on an exciting new custom project. A few details were recently released about our collaboration with PRN, the leading provider of television networks in retail environments. Who watches TV in stores? Evidently a lot of folks as PRN is the 5th largest TV network. Here's an excerpt from an article in Inc. Magazine from a few years ago. But PRN is the biggest television network you've never heard of because of these traits, not in spite of them. Its name stands for Premier Retail Networks, and it is the in-store ESPN of consumer products. In industry argot, PRN is by far the largest network in the domestic More…
Jul 24, 2008

Show Us Your Display Engineering Skills

We are growing and currently looking for an Applications Engineer to add to our team.Interesterested or know someone who might be a fit? Contact Bill Hanrahan.The Applications Engineer (AE) is responsible for teaming with Planar’s Regional Sales Managers and Program Managers to assist customers with the development and implementation of industry leading display solutions. AE’s serve as the primary technical contact to customers for pre- and post-sales technical support. The AE will interact directly with customer’s engineering teams to drive technical discussions about Planar’s existing and potential display platforms. Additionally, the AE will be More…
Jul 23, 2008

Industrial Projection Possibilities

Cnet had an interesting video about Obscura Digital and their work on projection technology to create immersive video experiences. Although the technology is primarily used for consumer and marketing applications, such as trade shows and events, there are some interesting industrial possibilities. How would you want to have an immersive experience in an industrial environment? Think hot temperatures, vibrations and transportation equipment, rather than an event where they pass out cocktails and appetizers. Note the multitouch demo at the end of the video.
Jul 23, 2008

StereorMirror Visits Beijing

Every four years the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) organization holds a conference with worldwide participation. The quadrennial conference is synchronized with Summer Olympics and, this year, it coincided with the Olympic site as well. About two javelin throws from Beijing’s new Bird’s Nest stadium, a different group of well-trained experts assembled to see the latest developments in imaging, software and hardware for photogrammetry. We demonstrated our StereoMirror technology to a good portion of the 3,000 people that attended the meeting. Planar stereo monitors could also be found in booths belonging to More…
Jul 14, 2008

Planar Touchscreens - where will they show up?

It was pretty cool to be walking through Fred Meyer's (part of the Kroger family) and see the one of Planar's touchscreen LCDs in action with the photo kiosk. Next time I'll take my camera and take pictures of someone using the LCD!
Jun 30, 2008

Optical Bonding and Surface Treatments - Planar Expertise in Electronic Design

Terry Trover, Sr. Product Manager for Planar, recently wrote a great article about many of the considerations in using optical bonding and surface treatments. His biggest challenge was summarizing a ton of information into a two-page article for Electronic Design. Here's a brief excerpt from the article. Typically, most protective windows and touchscreens adhere to TFT displays with double-sided tape, leaving an air gap between the polarizer surface and the overlay. Yet light reflects when it travels between various mediums with differing indexes of refraction. If you place a transparent protective window on top of a display, light willreflect back More…
Jun 20, 2008

Schrödinger User Symposium

I spent a couple days at the Schrödinger User Symposium in Portland recently. I was really impressed with the topics presented at the conference. I was humbled at how little I know about computational chemistry, but I appreciate the geniuses working in drug discovery. For example, one speaker (Michael Podvinec) shared about the development of drugs to treat a viral infection called Dengue Fever. This disease affects 50 million people and kills 12,000 per year . The people working on a cure or vaccine for this and other deadly diseases analyze complex 3D molecules to determine whether compounds can perform a needed function. Although I don’t understand More…
May 20, 2008

Vehicle Data Bus Terminal for Heavy Equipment

We've been busy with a lot of transportation applications. Our latest development is a collaboration with Vehicle Monitor Corporation to add our electroluminescent displays to the VMC SmartDisplay. Check out the announcement atWe have a 10 year history working with VMC. This latest announcement is targeted at applying the viewing performance of EL with VMC's rapid application development platform and experience with vehicle data bus technology. Here are just a few of the key benefits: SAE J1708, J1939, CAN and other bus protocol options Tools for rapid development of user interface Rugged and dependable - proven in thousands of Class 8 trucking, More…