Sep 17, 2008

Nvidia & 3D Internet

GigaOm has an interesting post related to Nvidia's Nvision Conference. While the information isn't specifically about 3D/stereoscopic displays, it does show some other innovations for presenting information in a new way. Here's an excerpt. Startups like Bumptop, which is creating a 3-D desktop interface that screams out for touch screens; Cooliris, developers of PicLens visual web site displays; and SpaceTime, which allows for viewing the web in 3-D (it’s like tabbed browsing taken to the next level) all are pushing what people call the 3-D Internet. Other firms such as SeeFront and Spatial View (a SeeFront licensee) enable 3-D More…
Sep 16, 2008

LX Mariner Gets Reviewed by Panbo

Our product management team has been a fan of Panbo, the marine electronics weblog, for a while. Tons of informative content and in-depth evaluations. The LX1201PTI recently was reviewed there. Check out the photo comparison between the LX Mariner and the Garmin 5212. If you are looking at marine electronics, Panbo is a great place to start.
Sep 02, 2008

Multi-touch Experimentation

We love IDEO's approach to solving design challenges. They've been applying some of their design thinking skills to prototyping a multi-touch system. They have even open sourced the project. You can get a backstage view of their home-brew multi-touch project on the IDEO Labs blog. Anyone else experimenting with mult-touch? We're interested in hearing about the highs and lows of your experiences. Tell us more.