Customized Digital Signage

Our engineering team has been cranking on an exciting new custom project. A few details were recently released about our collaboration with PRN, the leading provider of television networks in retail environments. Who watches TV in stores? Evidently a lot of folks as PRN is the 5th largest TV network. Here's an excerpt from an article in Inc. Magazine from a few years ago.

But PRN is the biggest television network you've never heard of because of these traits, not in spite of them. Its name stands for Premier Retail Networks, and it is the in-store ESPN of consumer products. In industry argot, PRN is by far the largest network in the domestic "narrowcasting" niche, the business of sharply targeted "out-of-home" networks that was born of the fragmentation of traditional television audiences. PRN responded to the fragmented media landscape with a question elegant in its simplicity: Considering that about 70% of brand-buying decisions -- Charmin or Cottonelle? -- are made inside the store, why not try to get relevant ads in front of shoppers at the moment of decision? "Where else," asks Jim Wiatt, CEO of William Morris and a PRN board member, "can advertisers get the message out better?"

Check out the release "Planar Systems Wins Contract with Thomson's PRN to Deploy Digital Displays." Look for more news about this project later in the year.