Jun 30, 2008

Optical Bonding and Surface Treatments - Planar Expertise in Electronic Design

Terry Trover, Sr. Product Manager for Planar, recently wrote a great article about many of the considerations in using optical bonding and surface treatments. His biggest challenge was summarizing a ton of information into a two-page article for Electronic Design. Here's a brief excerpt from the article. Typically, most protective windows and touchscreens adhere to TFT displays with double-sided tape, leaving an air gap between the polarizer surface and the overlay. Yet light reflects when it travels between various mediums with differing indexes of refraction. If you place a transparent protective window on top of a display, light willreflect back More…
Jun 20, 2008

Schrödinger User Symposium

I spent a couple days at the Schrödinger User Symposium in Portland recently. I was really impressed with the topics presented at the conference. I was humbled at how little I know about computational chemistry, but I appreciate the geniuses working in drug discovery. For example, one speaker (Michael Podvinec) shared about the development of drugs to treat a viral infection called Dengue Fever. This disease affects 50 million people and kills 12,000 per year . The people working on a cure or vaccine for this and other deadly diseases analyze complex 3D molecules to determine whether compounds can perform a needed function. Although I don’t understand More…