Oct 27, 2008

Getting ready for Electronica 2008

We are currently getting ready to send the demos to Electronica 2008. Here is a brief of what we'll demonstrate out of Planar's industrial product range. You will find our team and the demos in hall A3 stand number 259.SD2620W, our largest 3D stereoscopic monitor, has taken up the largest box to be sent. You can find information on the full range of 3D products at http://www.planar3d.com/ We have also gathered a selection of our electroluminescent (EL) displays to demonstrate the variety of our wide temperature range products available. It is a good product range to show at any time and now with the extended operating temperature range from -60 More…
Oct 15, 2008

3D is expected to take 9.2% of the total display market by 2015

Display Bank recent release an interesting forecast of the 3D display market. It looks pretty comprehensive. Here's an excerpt. The biggest issue in 3D display is to develop super high resolution display to offer real sensation and resolve visual fatigue which occurs when observing the display for a long period of time. Specially, 3D display TV market is expected to radically expand when digital broadcasting is imported to generalize HD and Full HD grade TV's and when the resolution and visual fatigue issues are resolved. The 3D display market is likely to further develop through various 3D contents development and 3D standardization.  You can More…
Oct 15, 2008

LifeWalls for Rugged Applications

Interesting coverage on Panasonic's LifeWall product at CEATEC 2008. The examples focus more on consumer and in-home applications, but how would you want this technology applied in a rugged environment? Rather than a home theater environment, think field application with sunlight readability issues and possibly wide temperature ranges.