Jan 09, 2008

Whitepaper Collection

We've been busy adding to our whitepaper collection. You can find technology overviews and applications notes, all available for download as PDFs. The latest additions to the collection include: Reexamining the Potential of Infrared (IR) Touchscreens This paper examines the choices that are available to the product designer and integrator, and provides information to assist in the selection of the most appropriate touch technology option. Compare/Contrast of Thin Film EL to EL Backlighting, LED, and OLED Technologies This paper provides an understanding of the differences among electroluminescent devices. Interface Solutions for Planar's EL More…
Jan 09, 2008


You don't need a StereoMirror to see this film, but it probably could have helped during production. 3ality Digital did the production work, including the sophisticated stereoscopic camera set-up. We look forward to seeing this one when it's released at Sundance.For more coverage, check out this article. "Previous generations of 3D film relied heavily on gimmicks, and the limits of the technology resulted in eyestrain--diminishing the life-like qualities," according to production company 3ality Digital, which, in an overview posted at the film's website, said it was shot using "cutting-edge technologies ... from artificial intelligence that aligns More…