Mobile Technology for Law Enforcement

The latest issue of Law and Order magazine recently published a great list of benefits from mobile technology. The list is targeted at police chiefs, but can apply just as easily to any organization with a field force that needs information deployed on location. Here are some of the highlights.

One United Kingdom police study showed that mobile data solutions saved officers an average of five hours per week and reduced the number of return trips to the station from two to one. That same study also showed that an average identification check conducted via two-way radio took more than four minutes, but was reduced to under 10 seconds when conducted using a mobile terminal. The numbers are compelling, but what else does a police chief need to know about selecting and implementing mobile technologies?

2. Providing mobile personnel with the ability to complete reports while in the field minimizes routine paperwork that must be done at headquarters, and maximizes officers’ presence in the field. A common complaint heard by police agencies around the world is, “How do I keep my officer out of the station and on patrol?” Mobile technology is one of the leading means of reducing the officer out of service time. Officers have the ability to quickly and efficiently enter required information into their reports and electronically forward to their supervisor for approval, all without leaving their patrol areas. This keeps the officers in the community where they belong, helping them to better serve their citizens.

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The rest of the list is worth reviewing. Our LX1200 product line was developed to help provide many of these same benefits by putting the information of the officers or service agents in the field.

Are there any other benefits that you are seeking that didn't make the list?