Nov 28, 2007

Mobile Technology for Law Enforcement

The latest issue of Law and Order magazine recently published a great list of benefits from mobile technology. The list is targeted at police chiefs, but can apply just as easily to any organization with a field force that needs information deployed on location. Here are some of the highlights. One United Kingdom police study showed that mobile data solutions saved officers an average of five hours per week and reduced the number of return trips to the station from two to one. That same study also showed that an average identification check conducted via two-way radio took more than four minutes, but was reduced to under 10 seconds when conducted More…
Nov 09, 2007

Digital Mammography

Good Morning America did a review this week of various technologies for detecting breast cancer sooner. The clip highlights some solutions that are still years away from being readily available. It's still interesting coverage for us, as the StereoMirror is being used in clinical trials for digital mammography. Look for more announcements about this at RSNA.Here's a highlight from the article that accompanies the GMA story.   Doctors said patients' best bet for now is using digital mammography to see the cancer in the smallest possible stage, which can make a huge difference. It can detect things traditional mammographies can't. Sixty percent of More…