SEG in San Antonio

I just got back from SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) in San Antonio. The society is focused on the exploration of oil and gas. It was an impressive show that included a half dozen booths sporting more square footage than my house. It is always fun to show the StereoMirror technology to a new group of people. Hearing "wow", "cool", "oh my goodness" and exclamations unprintable in a family friendly blog make me really glad I have this job. We found a conglomerate of stereo enthusiasts that use 3D visualization for seismic interpretation. My hope is that developing some corporate relationships with companies that provide the visualization software, building a base of SD monitor customers and simply learning about this industry of interpretting complex 3D data will allow Planar to provide a valuable display solution to this market.

A number of people/companies that use the immersive "cave" visualization rooms told us that the stereo image quality of the StereoMirror was superior to anything they had seen. I believe our monitors would be a nice accompaniment to the stereo rooms by allowing content to be created, editted and monitored. Others would like to use the SD monitors as a high quality, less expensive replacement of the "caves".